EPXbody DAILY/Sea Veg®
         -Sea Vegucation-
[Sea Vegucation. noun: the act of educating or imparting knowledge of Sea Veg]  

Did You Know?

Our  blood plasma is almost identical to sea water (if we are healthy) and that 76% of the oxygen we breathe is created by sea plants?

Did you know you have little intelligent creatures (called cells), in your inner ocean (blood) breathing under blue salt water right now?

"The oceans will be tomorrow's food store and drug store"
 - Jacques Cousteau 

Create your own pH balanced and healthy "INNER OCEAN", which nature intended. 

Your Well-Being

Seaweeds contain many times more minerals than land grown plants, as much as 50 times more.

No fewer than 92 different mineral elements have been found in seaweeds, including some elements which we require only in trace amounts, but whose presence is nonetheless vital to our complete well-being. 

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